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Ashburnham & Robinson Divisions

Ashburnham & Robinson Division Rules (Co-Ed 5+5)

1. Start time 6:00 & 8:30 p.m.

2. There will be a fifteen minute default time.

3. If a default should occur for the first game, the second game will start no less than 30 minutes from the start time of the first game.

4. No inning will start after 8:15 p.m. (first set of games) or 10:45 p.m. (second set of games).

5. A mat and commitment line will be used. Home plate is part of the strike zone. No Sliding or Tagouts at home. Force out only.

6. a) Teams must have eight players to start a game (4 must be females).

    b) Never 6 males in field.

7. There will be an unlimited number of courtesy runners, however no one person may run more than once.

8. If there are fewer females in the batting order than there are males, the females are able to rotate in their batting positions. The males in the batting order must remain in that batting position for the entire game.


Bat Policy:

Males use wooden “official softball” bats only. no metal bats  (  new 2016 bamboo allowed)


Co-Ed Playoff Rules

1. All games will be nine innings or 90 minutes. No new inning after 80 minutes.
2. A coin will be flipped to determine Home Team.
3. Home Team supplies new & good used balls and bases and mat. Failure to do so, will mean forfeiture of Home Game.
4. There will be no ties!!! In case of extra innings, the international tie-breaker rule will be in effect.
5. Seven innings will constitute a full game, in case of time limit or darkness or weather shortening a game. If game is suspended due to darkness,or time limit, or weather, before 7 innings have been played, the game will be continued exactly where it left off at a future date.

6. Forfeit is 15 minutes after scheduled start time...No Time Limit for Finals

7. Only players on playoff roster may play.

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