1.  The executive shall be made up of a President, Treasurer, Vice President and Recording Secretary. Elections shall be held at the first general meeting each year, to be held before April 15th of the year. Past President will sit as advisor only.

2.  Slo Pitch National slo-pitch rules of play will be used with the following exceptions:

  • A player arriving late may be added to the batting order at the bottom of the starting order
  • Unlimited fielding substitutions allowed.
  • A team must have at least 8 players to avoid forfeit.
  • No tagging a runner that goes over the committment line at home.....force out only!!!
  • A catcher and pitcher must be in the proper position until each pitch has been delivered.
  • Any player having to be removed from a game simply is removed from the lineup with NO penalty but may NOT return to the game. (coed must always bat guy-girl etc)

COED ONLY: If only 4 females are present, they may add a (1) fifth male defensively (NEVER 6 males in field)

  • every player or coach ejected shall be suspended for the next three games.  Failure to sit out the next three games will mean disqualification for the season from the league for that player and forfeiture of all games he illegally played in.  Any person ejected for being the aggressor in a fight or for willingly fighting, or for intent to injure an opponent or official, will be suspended for the season or twenty games, whichever is greater, to be carried over the next season.  A review will be held before reinstatement.  Two players ejected from the same game from the same team, will mean forfeiture of the game.

3.  CITY OF PETERBOROUGH BYLAW: There will be NO ALCOHOL on or around, the playing field or parking areas at ANY time.  Any team ignoring this ruling may be disqualified from the league. NO SMOKING (including e-cigarettes) at or around any City ball diamond!!!!!!!!!!!! (parking lot areas excepted). Click here to read the City Of Peterborough Bylaw.

4.  Home team will supply bases, home plate mat and 1 new Grey Dot (optic yellow) 12" ball to be used for the doubleheader, plus one good used ball.  Failure to comply with the above will mean forfeiture of the home game advantage.  If the home team advantage is forfeited the opposing team need only supply good used balls.  Home team is listed "FIRST" on schedules.

Last week of regular season (during exhibition at Morrow Pk) all games 'except Sunday' will be a single 7 inning game!!!

5.  (A) Playoffs:  To be eligible for playoffs a player must play in at least 4 different scheduled dates of their team's scheduled games.

(B) Team Rosters:  First and last names are to be printed on roster sheets.  Each league team will be allowed a MAXIMUM of 20 players.

Completed regular season (and playoff) roster to be submitted before JULY 15th..submit roster electronically at the league website and follow the drop down to get to the roster page


  • players may NOT play for a second MASTERS OR COED team in the SAME division, or on the same night.

Penalty for using illegal player(s):  After one warning, ALL teams using the illegal player(s) WILL be eliminated in participating in league playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The players in question must be eliminated immediately from the years play on ANY team…

(C) Score Sheets:

  • names to be printed on score sheets exactly as they appear on team roster. No other will be given attendance credit.
  • name of any player ejected from the game must be written on the score sheet as being ejected.
  • umpire and coach must sign home team score sheets.
  • team name, time, date and park must be entered on all score sheets. Circle your team name when both sides of sheet have been used.
  • score sheets now will remain with the team rep and not to be submitted. If there are any discrepancies for the playoffs the league executive will ask for your scorebook.

Note…CANCELLED GAMES:  Both teams must show up unless the games have been cancelled by the league by 5 p.m. game day (8:30a.m. Sundays).  NOTICE OF CANCELLATION WILL BE SHOWN ON THE WEBSITE ONLY.  Once the game is started, it will not be stopped unless the umpire stops it.  The game will not be stopped unless it starts to rain hard and further deteriorates field conditions or if  lightning is present.  Once the game starts, the umpire must be paid by the league and you receive no rebate.

15.  (a) Any players playing coed may play in more than one division, but NEVER on the same night. No exception for scheduling due to conflicts!!

(b) Any male may play in ONE Masters (+45 )  and one sunday mens team.New for 2019,one (1) player aged 42 or over in the same calender year may play in the Masters Division but must be declared..For playoffs in Masters and Sunday mens only there will be no coin toss for home game.The highest seed after the regular season is done will always be home game..

16.  Scores:  The winning team will log in to and find your game in the division and date and report the score.  The score will automatically update the standings page if reported within 7 days of the date played.  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO UPDATE STANDINGS IF SCORE IS NOT REPORTED ON TIME.  Have someone designated to report each weeks score and one alternate in case the reporting person is not available.

17.  ​NEW IN 2018:  A maximum 6 run per inning with an open last inning.






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